Why don’t you buy cheap smartphones with three cameras?

A smartphone with one camera eye in 2020 looks unusual and even wild. Even double camera modules look like an archaic. Triple and quad cameras are in fashion. On the back cover of the vast majority of smartphones – square, round, diamond-shaped projections with peephole lenses. Hello, tripophobes.

However, the number of circles under the protective glass of the camera module does not indicate the capabilities of the camera and the quality of shooting with a smooth score of nothing. It’s just that manufacturers go for various tricks in the weather for fashion. Here are some of them.
1. One of the modules may be a plug (such models are already on the market). Looks like a lens, but in fact – an empty space. Be careful.

  1. A flash may actually hide in the lens window. This is easy to notice – it is covered with white or yellowish scattering glass. However, you cannot call such a camera “triple” or “quadro”.
  2. Instead of the desired wide-angle or zoom lenses, a manufacturer of an inexpensive smartphone can supply a module for macro photography or depth sensor.
    You will not be able to enjoy macro photography at full reel – the resolution of cheap modules is usually two megapixels, with it will not walk around (and the joy of novelty will pass in a couple of days). In the depth sensor, the need also is not always – it is possible to cut the background beautifully long ago using software methods.
    Of course, you shouldn’t expect any superpowers from a budget device, but you should understand that the “race of lenses” is quite senseless. It’s better to buy an inexpensive smartphone with a main lens and a second wide-angle lens (or just one lens) than a nonsense device with three or four modules, most of which will never be useful in life.
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