What will look like Android on stretch screens?

The vast majority of us use the familiar monoblock smartphones, some of us have already switched to folding devices (note in the comments, if among our readers are such), but technology is moving forward and now it is clear that for folding smartphones will come twisted. We have already seen the concepts of such devices, patent applications, and LG has released a commercial device with a flexible screen – a smart TV at a slightly insane price.

However, apart from the technology as such, not less interest is the system, in our case, Android, adapting to the sliding screen.
In the update of the Android emulator in Android Studio there is support for a sliding screen of 7.4 inches. In the open state, our spherical smartphone in a vacuum has a resolution of 2428×1600 dots, and in the folded state – 2428×1080 dots, it is quite a long and narrow device. There is also an intermediate option – 2428×1366 p.
On the short video below you can see how when you open your smartphone behaves YouTube: the application automatically adapts to changes in the screen. Approximately the same behavior we expect from another software. Note that the video running on YouTube is an advertisement for the same LG bendable TV

As for the twisted smartphone of a South Korean company, which is most likely the real basis of this seven-inch device, we are waiting for its presentation in March 2021 under the name LG Rollable or LG Slide.

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