What smartphone innovations are waiting for us in 2020?

As soon as the new decade began, well-known manufacturers began to launch numerous technical innovations on the market. In the smartphone industry there are also several trends and more advanced models, which are already highly appreciated among potential customers. 5G, more megapixels and the new Samsung Galaxy trio: a look at the new phones 2020 shows what users can expect.

5G, more megapixels, more frames per second: trends in 2020

This innovative generation enables data transmission at up to 10 gigabytes per second. This is a significant increase in performance compared to LTE technology currently available. In addition, the 5G network must operate at speeds of around 500 kilometers per hour in trains and on motorways. In 2020, the new 5G technology was first introduced in many medium and expensive new smartphones. Thus, the software giant Apple has announced the release of at least one new product with 5G. Another innovation concerns the available megapixels of smartphones in 2020. Manufacturers such as Samsung or Xiaomi will introduce a 108-megapixel bright HMX sensor for the first time this year. The number of recorded frames per second is also on the rise. With the first smartphones to be launched in 2020, users will be able to capture up to 120 frames per second instead of 60 frames per second.

New Sony Xperia Series with 4K Oley Expressive Display

The new Sony Xperia line, announced by the Japanese, remains true to its old spirit. Like the previous models, smartphones are equipped with OLED-display 4K, which allows users to hedge against damage insurance. Old known benefits such as waterproof texture are retained in the new Xperia 1 II models. In addition, Sony equips its 5G products with faster processors and larger memory capacity.

Samsung top trios: S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra

With the traditional Galaxy S Samsung class, it has been very competitive with Apple in recent years. However, instead of continuing the popular series with the number “11”, Samsung is rebuilding: a new trio of manufacturer’s products enters the market with the number “20” in accordance with 2020. At the same time, the larger Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, as well as the generous Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is accompanied by a 6.2-inch S20. With strong arguments such as 5G, 108-megapixel camera and 8K video, Samsung wants to score points with potential customers in 2020. Another noteworthy novelty from the Samsung house is the Galaxy Z Flip. Thanks to its innovative folding technology, it can be particularly appealing to almost predisposed users. In open condition, the smartphone has a significant 6.7 inches in height, while it fits in a folded form in any jeans.

The OnePlus Concept One comes with invisible cameras

In the noble luxury sedans it has long been customary to make the glass opaque at the touch of a button. This method also makes itself a manufacturer of smartphones in 2020. “Oneplus” hides cameras under the electrochrome glass in the new product “Concept One”. At the same time, the new function is understood less than the new-fashioned extra. It’s more like an improvement to light up shots in bright environments.

Huawei with Mate 20x 5 G without Google services

Chinese manufacturer Huawei comes out of the ongoing trade war with the Americans. According to the legislation, Huawei must offer its novelties without Google support. This also affects the new version of 5G “Mate 20x”. Without Android, the products should cost several thousand euros. At the same time, the manufacturer Huawei has the new generation P in the front row. With the improved design and enhanced features of AI, the company wants to compensate for the missing Google services. Experts expect that Huawei will strive to quickly develop a comparable own operating system. Honor offers worthy novelties in the second quarter of the year Like the competition, the manufacturer Honor does not sleep in terms of novelties. It will revolutionize its predecessors with the Honor 9X Pro. Interested customers can use this product for a 48-megapixel camera and 6.59-inch display, among others. A 6.57-inch Honor View 30 Pro is available with the new 5G technology. Compared to similar models of the manufacturer, this smartphone can be charged wirelessly and has a slot with two Sim-cards. Smartphone screen with application icons Additionally, the battery performance of new models is likely to continue to improve. On the one hand, manufacturers are currently working on larger batteries that do not stress the weight, and on the other hand, up to 100W of charging power.

New iPhone as one of the highlights of the mobile industry

The technical innovations of Apple brand should not be ignored. In particular, with the entry-level model, the company wants to attract new customers in the future: thus, the iPhone 9 should convince C especially reasonable value for money. As Apple notes, users still do not have to give up anything: equipped with an A13 processor and 64 GB of memory, the new entry-level smartphone should serve customers. Experts also expect some innovations in iPhone 12, which is expected to appear in September. Presumably, the latest generation iPhone will be equipped with modern cellular communication standard, as well as a powerful 3D camera. The 120-hertz display is also in conversation.

Motorola has released “High-End” folding Razr phone.

The classic folding phone comes back to the public in a new design in 2020: the new Motorola Razr, whose predecessor was one of the world’s best selling phones in the early 2000s. Unlike its proven predecessor, however, the modern version brings a folding 6.3-inch OLED touchscreen. The folding phone can be reconciliatory, especially nostalgic skeptics who want to return the old models.

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