What is USB OTG? What do I need and which devices can I connect?

What is USB OTG? It is to quickly copy files from a flash drive, connect your mouse, keyboard, card reader, and other external devices to your phone.

This is possible thanks to the USB OTG function. What is OTG for? How do I check if my phone has OTG? You will find all the answers in this article.

Which phones support OTG? OTG technology on Android has been available for a long time. Support appeared back in 2011, on Android 3.1. It should be noted that the availability of USB OTG depends not only on the system, but also primarily on the specific phone model. Some smartphones with the appropriate version of Android do not have this feature, because the manufacturer has not provided it or blocked it.

How do I know if my phone supports OTG? The easiest way is to use special programs on your Android smartphone: USB OTG Checker Pro.

Только не забудьте удалить их позже, потому что после одной проверки эти приложения становятся ненужными. При желании вы также можете выполнить поиск соответствующей информации на веб-сайте производителя или в настройках смартфона, введите OTG в поле поиска и проверьте, найдена ли соответствующая опция.

Can I connect a USB flash drive to my iPhone? Yes, you can. However, there is no USB on the iPhone, there is a Lightning port. Therefore, special USB-Lightning adapters or reading devices with built-in Lightning socket are required. This is not a classic USB OTG, but it works the same way.

How do I enable OTG? Sometimes your smartphone has OTG by default, but it can be disabled. You just need to enable it in the settings before connecting the flash drive. For example, on your OnePlus 6 phone go to “Settings – System” and activate the “OTG mass storage” option.

What does it take to enable OTG on Android? In addition to the fact that your hardware must support the OTG standard, you must have an adapter with a USB-A, USB-C or Micro-USB connector (depending on what fits your device). An adapter is not required if the accessory to be connected already has the correct plug. For example, there are drives or “sticks” with USB-C or Micro-USB ports.

What is the OTG function useful for? OTG is most often used to copy files to/from a USB storage device (flash drive, portable drive, SD card reader). If you work stationary on your tablet, you may also need a good keyboard and mouse. Of course, a great alternative is also to connect a wireless Bluetooth peripheral. Sometimes this also applies to smartphones, some of which can be connected to a monitor and used for stationary work.

Another example, but much less common, is connecting audio equipment to the phone via USB, such as a headphone amplifier or DAC. In short, the USB OTG function is useful. Above all, it is useful for connecting to USB drives and quickly copying photos, videos, music or other files, especially if we don’t have a computer at hand. The OTG standard is also often used to connect your mouse and keyboard to your smartphone.

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