What do the AirPods Max – Apple’s most expensive wireless headphones – look like and what do they hide?

Disassembling the headphones is not easy. Some of the components are connected with screws, but on top of that a lot of glue is used. During disassembly, we had to heat the headphones – about the same way as it happens with smartphones.

The AirPods Max have 40mm drivers, the Apple H1 single-chip systems have two – one on each side. There are two batteries, too, but interestingly enough, both are housed in the same earpiece. This is clearly visible in the X-ray picture. And some kind of loop or connector of the battery connection to the motherboard is not visible. So it’s not like the batteries can be easily replaced.

Of the other features of the AirPods Max are the two motherboards of different shapes. That is, they are clearly not interchangeable – you can not install the board from the right earpiece to the left and vice versa. Most of the components are made by Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics and Apple itself.

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