We need more advertising! Google has decided to increase the number of advertising pauses

Google decided to give us even more of what we all love – advertising! In the near future there will be even more advertising on Youtube. Because everyone wants to eat and get super profits. And nobody is interested in these wishes. Pay money for a premium subscription or watch 20 commercials for a 15-minute video. Or you can turn on the ad blocker and forget all about it. But we do not promote the rejection of advertising here! And we do not hint at anything!

So, the point is that to date, in most commercials on the platform advertising is only at the beginning. But after all, you can put ads in any other place during the video. Of course, contentmakers know about it and periodically slip us advertising pauses in the random places on the video (some even very brazen). And now Youtube wants to make them happy and remove time limits for these commercial pauses in the middle of the video.

At the moment the video should be at least 10 minutes long so that such an advertising pause (long) could work there. Apparently, someone is not satisfied with this, so now you need only 8 minutes of video for the big commercial break. Then Google makes this commercial break in the middle of the video in general in all default videos (if these videos are longer than 8 minutes and all that).

These Mid-roll videos in the middle of the video will be included for new videos, and for very old ones that have been lying on the platform for many years and are slowly collecting views. And the ability to include an advertising block will be available to authors even on videos where they did not include advertising at all. But do not worry that now Youtube will be a dump and there will be only advertising. Authors will still be able to show themselves as good guys and manually turn off these advertising pauses in the middle of their videos. So there’s more to be done.

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