Top 10 Cool Tech Gifts Everyone Wishes They Had

There’s no denying that the most popular holiday gifts are often the coolest, newest, and handiest tech products, be they cell phone accessories, home electronics, or gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

But if you can’t keep track of what’s trendy and useful in the world of tech, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re shopping for the technophobes or tech-elites in your life, there’s something here that’ll make every friend and family member on your list happy—and at every price point, no less.

1. Mini Pocket LED Projector

This portable projector is smaller than a stack of sticky notes, but it can play movies and videos and can plug into just about any device. 

Mini Pocket LED Projector, $57.51

2. Universal Stand

FaceTime, follow online recipes or multitask in style with a sleek aluminum stand. Bonus: It comes in four cool colorways. 

Universal Aluminum Stand, $9.95

3. HD Action Cam

This action cam is the ultimate road-trip toy. It is waterproof and has a 170-degree wide-angle lens to ensure every memorable moment is captured.

HD Waterproof Action Cam, $75.44

4. Wi-Fi Smart Power Plug

This plug makes any device smart, so you can control anything you plug into it via an app on your phone or with your voice, thanks to Alexa and Google Home integration. 

Wi-Fi Smart Power Plug, $25.98

5. VR Headset

These virtual reality glasses allow you to watch movies, play games, and more. Plus, they’re designed to be comfortable for extended wear. 

Virtual Reality Glasses Headset, $36.46

6. Smart Video Doorbell

Never look through your peephole again with this smart doorbell that shows you who’s at your door via an app on your phone. Plus, you can stream what’s going on outside your door 24/7, even if you’re not home. 

Wireless Video Doorbell, $86.99

7. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t let the old-school look fool you. This travel-sized amp packs Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in mic, and an impressive amount of volume. Moreover, this speaker is waterproof – ideal for beach & pool parties.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $58.29

8. Air Humidifier w/ LED Night Light

This stylish cool humidifier not only adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness (useful for dry chapped skin, chapped lips, and dry sinuses) but also helps you to improve your interior design. With 7 changing colors, it creates a soothing and romantic atmosphere.

Air Humidifier, $20.00

9. Wireless Earphones

The most intelligent set of wireless earphones. This state-of-the-art design is ergonomically perfected to provide comfort and a secure fit for even the most intense activities.  Touch control, superior stereo sound & voice assistant are in the set.

Stereo Earphones, $34.84

10. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Nobody likes cleaning, but it must be done, so why not enlist a robot vacuum cleaner to do it? This gadget makes cleaning effortless & improves your quality of life immensely.

Compact Automatic Vacuum Cleaner, $41.36

So, here you have the best gadgets. Let us know which one you like the most! Comments are on for you ?

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