The EP 01 vibrate shoes will change your attitude towards music forever


DropLabs has developed shoes that can turn your ideas about music around. And that’s because the soles of the new EP 01 sneakers hide electronic blocks that convert sound into vibration. According to the testers, the sensation of music that rises from the sneakers and connects to the music that your ears can hear is very difficult to describe in words. This unusual combination creates a strong immersive effect in games, movies and virtual reality.

The original EP 01 sneakers entered the market last year, but were quickly purchased. DropLabs now introduces the improved Triple Black Edition, which still connects via Bluetooth to smartphones and headphones. But now it has the ability to dynamically adjust to different content.

The sound is broadcast on sneakers and turned into vibrations. At the same time, it goes into headphones and you can hear the music while feeling the rhythm and bass literally “with your own body. The application allows you to adjust the intensity of vibrations, apply different filters – and even change the color of the LED backlight installed in the sneakers.
The EP 01 is waterproof, but not waterproof, and its batteries last for six hours. The price of the EP 01 is a respectable $299, but customers are offered 30 days free manibac and one year limited warranty.

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