Sony patented a neural network that will play video games for you

Sony has filed a patent for artificial intelligence-based technology that will be able to substitute a human player during a computer game. Simply put, this AI will play instead of you, while carefully reproducing your unique playing style. This is far more advanced technology than the commonly used online game bots.

For the AI to learn how to play, it must observe the user, copy his actions and learn the nuances of gameplay. Such a neural network has no understanding of the game, it has no idea about the rules, tactics, and strategy, but it imitates the style of a particular person’s game very well. This does not mean that it is able to build a winning sequence of actions, and moreover, it is unlikely to adapt to a new situation on its own. But the AI has no problem substituting for a real person if during a round in an online game he wants to go to the kitchen to make tea.

The modern MMO-gaming industry is experiencing a prolonged crisis, the main sign of which was the dominance of online games with monotonous gameplay. Partly due to the financial appetite of publishers – in MMOs, it is easier to impose microtransactions and content purchase. Miners have also contributed by buying top graphics cards, processors, and hard drives, so their prices have soared, and ordinary gamers can’t upgrade their computers. So they have to do over and over again the monotonous quests in online games, which can be entrusted to an unpretentious AI

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