Smart LED backlighting overview.

It is impossible to imagine the New Year and Christmas holidays without garlands. We are all familiar with these miniature lights that light up our Christmas trees, windows and houses with colorful lights.

At the same time, living in the age of digital technology, it would be logical to apply all existing innovations not only to such systems as smart home, but also to the elements of festive lighting.

With their help, the garland could not just burn or blink a single color. By controlling this backlight from your smartphone, you would be able to create real colors.

The garland uses intelligent RGB LEDs, each of which can be controlled individually.




По специально выставленной программе можно настроить яркость, цвет и скорость изменения расцветки отдельного светодиода или сразу всей группы.

Due to this, a seemingly ordinary garland is able to show an infinite number of effects.

All this is controlled by a mini controller with built-in WiFi module.

That is, you can “tie” the garland to your phone and set scenarios of the backlight directly from it.

The garland also works without a smartphone. To change the software scripts, just press the big button on the controller a few times.

However, all the diversity and uniqueness of the backlighting, you can really appreciate only by connecting the phone.

To do this, you will need to download a special application Twinkly from the Internet. It is available in AppleStore and Google Play.

Note that the garland can be connected either directly to a smartphone or to a shared home WiFi network.
Twinkly controller actually creates its own Wifi network when you connect the power. Due to this smart garland you can control even where there is no access to the Internet or external network.

For example, far outside the house when decorating trees on a country plot.

However, when you connect directly, when the phone goes to sleep mode, all previously configured effects may be out of sync or disappear altogether.

To connect to WiFi, press the controller and hold the big button for a few seconds. As soon as the LED on it stops flashing and lights up evenly, it means that Twinkly is ready for pairing.

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