Samsung Galaxy Buds Live recognized as the most repairable wireless headphones

On August 5 at the presentation of Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Samsung company presented not only Galaxy Note 20 series, but also new wireless headphones called Galaxy Buds Live. They are not yet on sale, but if you are planning to buy them and are worried about their repairability and will not have to throw them away in case of breakage, you will clearly be interested in this news.
A couple of new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live found themselves in the hands of guys from the iFixit repair shop. They, not long thinking, took the tools and took apart the new headphones to the last screw. During the disassembly they looked at the stuffing of the accessory and assessed its repairability on a 10-point scale.

The most interesting finding inside the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a flexible loop that connects the two halves of each earphone. To be more precise, the attention of specialists was attracted by the inscription “Beans”. This confirms that not only users, but also the manufacturer himself believes that the headphones are designed like beans.

Also inside the headphones is a lithium-ion battery of 0.21 Wh. And inside the charging case there was found a battery of 1.81 Wh, which is more than previous models of wireless headphones Samsung.
As for repairability, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live received 8 points out of 10 possible. That is, it’s quite feasible to repair them in case of breakage, which can’t be said about many other popular wireless models like AirPods. Even the battery of the new Samsung is realistically replaced, the main thing is to gently pull it out.

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