Samsung can give up chargers bundled with smartphones after Apple

Samsung can follow Apple to give up chargers complete with its smartphones. The company believes that many users already have power adapters at home, and abandoning them will reduce the cost of manufacturing devices. This was reported by TJournal with reference to the Korean resource ETNews.

Some models of Samsung smartphones may lose the power adapter in 2021 – the company has already begun negotiations with suppliers. As noted at ETNews, so Samsung wants to kill two birds: to reduce costs, which are increasing because of the cost of 5G-components, and reduce the impact on the environment. The company believes that over the past 10 years of market development, home users have accumulated enough chargers to take them out of the kit.
Samsung has become the second major company, which, according to the media, will abandon the complete power adapters. At the end of June, analyst Min-Chi Kuo said that, for the first time, the iPhone 2020 will be complete with no chargers and headphones.

As in the case with Samsung, expensive 5G-components were mentioned as a reason. According to Kuo, Apple will also give up the basic adapter 5 watts and 18 watts: they will be replaced by 20 watts of chargers, which can be purchased separately.
On July 5, it became known that Apple began asking users who recently bought a new iPhone model instead of the old one, what happened to the charger from the previous device. The questionnaire separately emphasized that the questions relate to the power adapter, not the cable Lightning.

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