Report: Sony increases PlayStation 5 production by 50%.

It seems that Sony expects increased demand for PS5. Apparently, there will be no deficit at the beginning of the deficit, as the set-top boxes will be twice as big as PS4.

The new generation of gaming consoles is not far off, at the end of the year the consoles from Microsoft and Sony should appear on sale in spite of everything. Some time ago there were rumors that the market may have a deficit of consoles PlayStation 5 at the start, as they will not have time to produce in the right amount due to the pandemic coronavirus, but there was a report that Sony increased production by 50 percent.

Previously, it was said that 6 million new-generation gaming consoles will be produced, but now we are talking about 9-10 million. Sony is working hard to meet the demand.
It should be noted that at one time there were sold 4.2 million consoles PlayStation 4 for the first month. Thus, we are talking about a higher demand and, as a result, a higher supply.

It is interesting that not so long ago it became known about such behavior of Facebook, which dramatically increased the production of Oculus VR helmets – up to 2 million pieces (also 50% growth) in the second half of 2020.

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