Project Hazel – a smart protective mask from Razer

At the CES 2021 exhibition, the well-known manufacturer of computer gadgets Razer showed a concept of smart protective mask Project Hazel.
The novelty is interesting in several ways. Firstly, there is a medical-grade N95 respirator (filters out at least 95% of bacteria) using removable and rechargeable active fans. Second, the mask regulates the supply of fresh air, as well as having high fluid resistance and regulates CO2 emissions.
Third, Project Hazel has a transparent design that allows others to see the user’s emotions and allows the hearing impaired to read the user’s lips. In addition, engineers used Razer’s proprietary VoiceAmp technology, which activates the built-in microphone and amplifier to ensure that the user can be heard loudly during a conversation.

And one more trick – RGB backlight supporting dynamic lighting effects (this is a gamer’s product, after all), which automatically activates in the dark.
Razer especially emphasizes the environmental friendliness of their product. For instance, Project Hazel uses replaceable and rechargeable disc-type fans to reduce the waste that comes with disposable masks. They can easily be disinfected with UV light while the mask is charging in the universal wireless case.

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