More fun playing games on PlayStation 5 (explanation in the gifs)

The release of the PlayStation 5 was certainly one of the most important events of 2020, giving us the best gaming console on the market. But technology is not the only reason why the PlayStation 5 is on the Olympus of the gaming world. Additional accessories greatly expand its ability to impress users.

They give a new gaming experience and provide an even more immersive gaming world. So what is in the entourage of this king of the world of gaming consoles, without which his image would be incomplete?

1.DualSense Wireless Gamepad

To begin with, of course, is the new DualSense gamepads, without which it is already impossible to imagine the PlayStation 5. They received the possibility of tactile feedback, significantly increasing the realism of games. In addition to flawless picture and sound environment added tactile sensation: a pair of additional drives create vibration, allowing you to add to the image and sound, and physical response, which will vary depending on the player’s actions. You can distinguish a step from a run, the recoil force of various weapons, and the vibration of a racing car.

The forces applied to the triggers are now different – they have become adaptive and respond differently to game actions. They now resist presses depending on the game’s storyline: you can literally feel the bowstring tension or the accelerator pedal pressure. Different actions in the game will require different efforts (everything, just like in real life), which turns the experience of the game into a unique one – going from magnificent to unforgettable.

The built-in accelerometer and gyroscope open up new possibilities for game developers and bring new experiences to players, thanks to new interaction techniques – changing the position of the gamepad can also affect the player’s actions. In addition, the controllers have a built-in speaker and mutable microphone to communicate with other players in real-time. It’s a new level of interaction in team games, and it’s available without additional accessories. If you want, you can plug in your own headphones with a standard 3.5mm jack to better focus on the game and/or not disturb others with the sound of the game at maximum volume.

2.DualSense Controllers Playstation 5 Charging Station

The DualSense Game Controller Charging Station has become a hallmark of avid gamers. It keeps your gamepads ready at all times and adds the finishing touch to your PlayStation 5 interior. No more scattered gamepads – they’ll always be charged and always in their designated spot in the house.

3.The 3D Wireless Headset PlayStation 5 Headphones

The new Pulse 3D wireless headset is designed specifically for the PlayStation 5 but can be used with the PlayStation 4 or any computer running Windows or macOS (a USB adapter is included for this purpose). It features two hidden microphones, used by an active noise cancellation system and volume controls. Pulse 3D, as its name suggests, is designed to deliver surround sound, simulating a totally immersive gaming environment using Tempest 3D AudioTech technology, used by game developers to create the sound environment of their games. And the headset has a microphone test button that lets you quickly assess how well you can be heard by other players. The Pulse 3D is always ready and can be used even when the battery is low, you just plug it in with the included 3.5mm standard cable.

4.HD camera

It is generally believed that the camera is only needed for the PlayStation as a means of support when working with other accessories: PlayStation Move controllers or the PlayStation VR helmet. The new HD Camera, designed for PlayStation 5 not only allows you to record great video in FullHD resolution with its two lenses but also to start recording by pressing a special button on the DualSense. Built-in tools for background image processing open up new opportunities for creativity – you can insert your image in video broadcasts or recorded video files. And the convenient, adjustable stand lets you mount the camera to any model of LCD TV or monitor.

5.Media Remote Control

It’s worth remembering that a modern game console is not just games, but a real center of multimedia entertainment: movies, music, TV shows, and video blogs. All of this is available on PlayStation 5, but for a comfortable viewing experience, it is convenient to use the Media Remote. It allows you to quickly and easily control the TV settings and launch the most popular streaming services in the world, officially working in Ukraine: YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify. When you turn on the PlayStation 5 with the remote control, the console immediately turns on these services. With the Media Remote, a set of accessories for PlayStation 5 acquires completeness and perfection, so it is the very attribute that distinguishes the average PlayStation user and “advanced”.

6.PlayStation Move

The advent of the PlayStation Move controller literally ushered in a new era in gaming, making the player part of the game and providing incredible realism in games. Gaming became an order of magnitude more active and rid the entire gaming industry of the established stereotype of the player-on-the-couch. And while the PlayStation Move gaming manipulators have been around since the PlayStation 3 era, they’re still relevant to the PlayStation 5. With the PlayStation Move paired with the PlayStation Camera, the player has to move a lot, and the level of sports games completely erased the line between virtual and real opponents.

The level of the virtual player can be adjusted to your abilities. Or you can pair up with friends without the extra gaming equipment required for each new game – just a pair of PlayStation Move manipulators that work with PlayStation 5 as well.

Table tennis, boxing, golf, archery – all these sports have become available in your own living room thanks to the advent of PlayStation Move, making their purchase a must if you want to actively engage in sports, both alone and with friends.

In addition to traditional sports, PlayStation Move supports a variety of games with a fantasy or fantasy setting. Where the player will have to fight with other opponents in real arenas. And fully experience the sensations of triumph, not available for traditional gaming consoles. With PlayStation Move you can develop the overall physical shape, not just the reaction and finger speed on the gamepad.

7.PlayStation 5 VR

Finally, the pinnacle of modern gaming is its transition to a fully virtual space. Although Sony has already announced the next generation VR helmet for the PlayStation, the current PlayStation VR helmet allows you to play with the PlayStation 5. As with the PlayStation Move, you only need to order a camera adapter, which will be sent for free in the mail.

PlayStation VR provides maximum visual immersion in the game space: in the game, you can be transported to outer space to visit the depths of the ocean or experience the full range of sensations of the bobsled race.

And with the PlayStation Move controller, the gameplay is spiced up by physical activity with other objects in the game, creating an incredible experience and enriching the gaming experience with new sensations.

With PlayStation VR paired with PlayStation Move, it’s easy to feel like you’re in the shoes of a superhero saving the world. And get unforgettable emotions from the game, incomparable to the usual game on the console.

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