Mobile industry in 2021

What to expect from the mobile industry in 2021?


According to insider agencies, the year 2021 will be marked by the era of smartphones with flexible screens. This will allow developers to use the available space of mobile phones completely from new heights. It is believed that the concept will first find its niche in the creation of flagship mobile devices. Objectively, HUAWEI is the driving force behind the progress, but it is not yet known how and in what technical devices the Chinese market giant is realizing its innovative breakthrough.

At the same time there are rumors in the global network about the release of brand new processors for premium cellular communication devices. It is known that in 2021 the Kirin 1100 processor based on improved 5-nanometer technology is scheduled to be released to replace its predecessor Kirin 1000, which saw the light in 2020 and was implanted in the brain center of the Huawei Mate Series 40 model. The mass production of the Kirin 1100 is likely to come from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which is also working closely with Apple to develop the latest A14 processor-based chip by the end of 2020. The new Kirin 1100 Series processor is expected to be the centerpiece for Huawei’s flagship Mate 50 Series smartphones.


By 2021, the company Samsung plans to release a smartphone with graphene battery. The specifics of this battery is its extreme energy intensity in the same weight parameters as the currently used lithium-ion batteries, where the capacity of graphene batteries exceeds the nearest competitors in 5 times.

According to some analysts, for the first time in the telephone industry, Samsung planned to place the graphene battery on the flagship Galaxy Note 10, but rumors have not been confirmed. However, the use of the latest battery capacity will allow to charge electronic gadgets up to 100% within 30 minutes (now in the same time period is possible to recharge the battery only half). In addition, the company plans to release 9 new smartphones under the brand Galaxy A in 2021, as evidenced by the company’s application for trademarks in the European Union.


As a result of the conference held by Xiaomi’s management, the founder of the company, Lei Jun, made a statement to the media that an affordable 5G network-capable smartphone worth 1,000 yuan (about 140 US dollars) is planned to be released in 2021. To fulfill the plans, the company plans to release more than 10 smartphone models with the latest function support, thus increasing the share of 5G gadgets in China to 50%.
It is also known that Xiaomi is already engaged in the development of mobile networks of 6 generation (6G), where the data transfer speed can reach a record speed of 1TB per second.


In early 2010, LG was undoubtedly the market leader in sales of smartphones, but the subsequent series of failures and strategic failures prompted the company to slide to the bottom of the smartphone industry as a whole. However, the company’s quotes jumped sharply against the backdrop of a statement made by the general manager of LG Electronics during a visit to the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, held in Las Vegas.

The head of LG Brian Kwon told the news agencies the following: “Given the quality of the products and the change in the range we are preparing, as well as new products in the segment of premium devices, we think that we can make a revolution in 2021”. As is often the case, but the techno giants do not reveal the details of the upcoming innovative “coups”, however, Brian Kwon explained that LG plans to release a perfect new premium product for the market with a flexible display. In what format the new project will be implemented is still a mystery.


At the moment the most discussed project from Apple in the network is the release of smart glasses Apple Glass. Stylish and functional augmented reality tool can really “blow up” the market of wearable devices. If we believe in information leaks, the cost of the gadget will start at $499. Perhaps, we will see the novelty in 2020. We only have to wait for the autumn presentation of Apple.

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