Jim Ryan: Xbox Series S is a failed version for the company

Jim Ryan, the company’s CEO, decided to talk to AV Watch to share his views on the Xbox Series S release. The expert noted that this strategy is no longer relevant. He is convinced that today’s users need powerful hardware and that the same philosophy is followed by respected competitors.
Most likely, a simplified version is no longer worth waiting for. The STB division’s decision was also influenced by the fact that customers are planning to buy equipment with a long life cycle, as evidenced by the statistics. Therefore, the more expensive model looks more attractive, because it will remain relevant longer.
It’s funny, but the developers also hold this view. For example, Sasan Sepper, who is a producer of Remedy, noted that as a consumer he likes Xbox Seris S, but from the point of view of marketing – it is not an ideal solution that can harm the new generation, and will make it less competitive.

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