Hard Reset Xbox One: Bringing Microsoft’s console back to life

There is a perception that the console is a perpetual motion machine and is ready to work-work-work without problems or accidents. But in fact, this is not true. Consoles, like any device, can fail. Moreover, they can do this even more often than personal computers assembled by experienced users. But that is all lyrics. Last weekend, my console was out of order and I had to clean up the mess. This quest was more interesting than installing Windows and flashing the phone. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I took them at the last moment on my phone.

Xbox Console Repair

Xbox Console Repair. Why do consoles fail?

You won’t believe it, but the answer is extremely obvious – because they can 😀 Like any device, they are subject to external factors that interfere with their performance. Lights blinking, the wrong shutdown, hard drive crumbling, dust interfering with cooling, and many other things. The devices themselves are not perfect and they have vulnerabilities. All problems with consoles can be divided into 2 big groups.

1.The problem with the software

2.The problem with the hardware

The first problem in most cases can be solved at home. With the second – you need special knowledge and equipment (except that you can replace the hard drive itself or a broken power cable)

A little lyricism

Marketing often tells us: “Consoles don’t need drivers, don’t need updates, everything is thought out for you and works out of the box”. For the vast majority of users, this is the case. But with personal computers, too, if everything is set up, it works like clockwork. But there’s one small problem that comes out of the judgment that everything works, works, works. There are almost no guides on how to fix it if it stops working. Personal computers – on any iron forum every problem considered in dozens of threads, has been discussed and mussed. About the problems with consoles – there is very little information.

Initial data

The console reacts to the power button. The console is booting. There is a noise from the drive (it is initialized – this is a very important sign). The monitor goes from no signal to (I don’t know how to call it, the yellow light changes to green) a signal is coming. No picture of the boot logo appears on the screen. After 3-5-7-10 minutes (no pattern detected) console either spontaneously shuts down, or a menu appears with an error message and a menu of further choice of actions. And, in my case, the errors were different

In the error lists were system error: E102, system error: E101 system error: E106 and others. No regularities were found.

Hyde #1. Simple. Console Cache Reset. How To Reset Cache.?

One of the most common solutions to the problem. Clearing cached data helps to get rid of some problems. Console lags. Stuttering.

With the console on, press the power button for 12 seconds until the console turns off completely. Unplug the power cord for 2 minutes. Afterward, plug the console into the mains and start it up in any way you like. No effect detected. Neither now, nor before. Mussed in many of the thematic publishers.

Hyde #2. Complicated. How to Hard Reset Xbox One.

Instructions are on the official Microsoft website. Searchable in a search engine on the phrase “Factory Reset an Xbox One. Resets the console to factory settings. Deletes all data from the console. The equipment goes to the state “From the factory” To perform this procedure, you will need a personal computer and a USB flash drive. Full instructions are on the official website. The official guide The essence is simple. Format the flash drive on your personal computer to NTFS. Copy the special file to it (downloaded from the link in the guide). Insert the flash drive into the console. Run the console in recovery mode. To start the console in recovery mode, you need to:

1.Turn off the console. Unplug it for 2 minutes. Connect the console to the network.

2.Press the “Eject Disc” and “Synchronize Gamepad” buttons

3.Hold down the above buttons and press the power button once.

4.Hear 2 beeps from the console every few seconds

5.Release the “Eject Disc” and “Synchronize Gamepad” buttons

6.The reset process has started.

Took me a good three hours to follow these instructions. After powering on there was no second signal.

1.Tried waiting more time without releasing eject button and “Synchronize Gamepad” button.

2.Tried plugging USB devices into different ports.

3.Tried several different flash drives (may not have read the flash drive)

Tried several different flash drives (may not have read the flash drive) Well there is no second signal that I have not tried. In the instructions is written tried out option, the other and can not be. And if something is not according to the instructions, then I do something wrong. On the forums, this question is not considered from the word “at all”. The version of the instruction from the official site did not work.

I decided to try the recovery menu. It did not appear when I tried it with the buttons depressed. Only at normal power on and that not always and with a long wait. And again a little nuance, which I could not find mentioned. And not at all obvious. To navigate through the menu, you have to use the cross wheel. Not the sticks, but the cross wheel. The gamepad is connected by wire. From the first picture above, I chose to use the cross hook. Use the cross wheel to navigate and press “A” to confirm. The “Reset this Xbox” option had no results

The menu “Offline system Update” – can be gray (if no USB) or white (if the flash drive is detected) Tried to press it and oh, miracle! The process started!

Only my joy did not last long. The update from 0% did not change anywhere. It is worth clarifying here, the file with the zeroing of the console is in the system folder “$SystemUpdate” for this reason and tried to run this function. Perhaps you should not do this, but visible changes were not noticed. If you look close, the error number has changed 🙂 The first photo is a menu after a failed upgrade. The second photo is the menu under “Reset Xbox One To Factory”. None of the reset options worked.

Hyde #3. Incredibly Difficult. Reflashing the Xbox console

After taking a short break, and walking with the child, decided to read the information about the function “Offline system Update” About which there is no mention in the publishers. More precisely, they are, but in the console restore option, there is no mention of it. Based on the experience of PlayStation 4 recovery (and it also crashed into the blue dead screen a couple of times), it is certain that on XBOX, as well as on any other device, it is possible to reinstall the operating system.
And yes! There is such an instruction on the official Microsoft website. Look for it in the search engine under the tag “OSU1” Or by the link Official firmware By the way, there is again in the instructions the procedure with pressing 2 buttons, which in my case did not work. But, after several restarts, the menu opened itself.
Downloaded the file with the update for the console about 5.5 gigabytes (there, by the way, there are 3 firmware versions, but nowhere specified, which means “Only console Xbox One previous version” I, apparently, Xbox one the current version and matched OSU1, but there are also OSU2, OSU3
After another download, and preparing to install the update, a new error popped up, although I had already stopped keeping track of them and reading online what they meant. It was at this time began the process of updating consisting of 3 stages. During the installation, the console rebooted itself (and inside again I felt that again the failure and nothing happened -)

After updating, started the standard launch, as the first turn on, asked to bring money for a subscription Xbox Game Pass, and if you do not have it, then subscribe to other subscriptions. I am extremely smiled at this. The first time you turn it on, they don’t tell you what a cool world you enter when you turn on the console. You are told that you need a subscription. After which, you are prompted to drive a code from another subscription or go to the store and buy one.


An extremely rare procedure, – restoration of the console after a failure. On the Internet, there is very little information about it. It does not deviate from the instructions on the official site. If you are doing it for the first time and do not have a general idea – the function is impossible and it is obligatory to go to the service center. The first time my console had a failure, the console went to the service center, where they changed the hard drive (or so I was told 🙂 Perhaps not just seemed, or already had a hand, but with Sony everything was easier and faster. Restored PS4 in literally a couple of hours the first time. Spent over 12 hours this weekend trying and going through all the options. I hope everything works for you according to the instructions and goes like clockwork.

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