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Tyre pressure monitoring kit

This is a very useful thing that can save you from a possible accident in the future. It’s a trivial situation when you are in a hurry to work or are late for other things and completely forgot to check the tires and they were deflated. This can cause the tire to break, or the car will start to go into ice or other bad weather. And everything can be warned and predicted, moreover, you can monitor in real time with the help of this tire pressure control system.

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220v Inverter

Independent switch, specially designed for 220V output, more secure.
With a household socket for charging your laptop, camping, etc.
Two USB output ports, you can charge 2 phones simultaneously.
With 2 cigarette lighter sockets for charging car DVR, electronic dog, etc.
Made of high quality ABS plastic, anti-explosive, broken and fireproof.
With safe protective functions such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection.
Unique cup shape, small and portable, easy to carry by car.

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Universal Steering Wheel Remote Control Button

The remote can be used with any car stereo, CD, DVD, GPS, MP3, TV which support remote control. Easy to install and set up.
This universal wireless remote control attaches directly to the steering wheel and allows you to control the main functions of your car media device. Very handy – no distractions when you’re driving! Everything is done with a simple thumb movement of your right hand!

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Car Auto Parktronic with 4 Sensors

Rear parktronic with 4 sensors, compatible with all car models. The area of obstacle detection is from 10 centimeters to 2.5 meters. The permissible ambient temperatures are between minus 40 and plus 80 degrees Celsius. The equipment includes everything you need for parktronic installation, including a cutter for cutting in. Thanks to ultrasonic parking sensors, information from which is transmitted to the stylish LED-display, the driver can avoid damage to his car.

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Automotive air purifier

The closed space of the car does not allow air circulation and renewal, the air purifier for the car is equipped with a filter cartridge, which meets the highest quality standards, the intensity of discharge of purified air (CADR value) reaches 60 m³/h, the volume of the interior of an ordinary car is about 3 m³, it takes only 3 minutes to completely transform the air in the car.

In accordance with the design of the interior of the vehicle, it is recommended that a vehicle air cleaner be installed on the headrest of one of the rear row seats, which allows clean air from the rear of the vehicle to circulate freely throughout the interior in the direction of the air outlet.

Along the vehicle roof, move quickly and reach the front of the passenger compartment, again along the doors and floor, spread out from the front to the rear throughout the entire passenger compartment and thereby circle the interior.

Three-way air circulation, larger air vents, interior air makes a full turn, cleaning efficiency is improved.

The special design with two fans located at opposite ends of the device allows you to comprehensively optimize the direction of air flow, purified air moves freely around the interior. When operating in increased power mode, the ventilation intensity and wind speed remain stable.

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