Full set of Xiaomi gadgets for smart home

Smart home is not the future anymore, but our reality. Xiaomi – the most famous Chinese brand – allows you to collect in your apartment a complete smart-system, which will include all the necessary gadgets for everyday life and entertainment. Perhaps it is the most budget way to equip your home with intelligence – in the literal sense of these words. The advantage of buying devices of one brand is in their perfect collaboration, in addition, the whole world has already seen the good quality of goods from Xiaomi. Let’s take a look at what a renowned company has to offer today.

Smart Home Kit

At first we look at the existing set of small, but necessary for a smart home and very functional devices, which even in itself is very simple life. This set is designed to manage gadgets in Mi Home’s proprietary ecosystem: just what we need! It includes the following devices: control unit, door and window opening sensor, motion sensor, smart socket and wireless button.

Multifunctional gateway Smart Home Gateway

The gateway is used as a night lamp and works as an alarm clock with your favorite music and light. This device also automatically reacts to other smart home appliances, putting them in different modes of operation. The manufacturer gives an example of a window: if you open it to vent the room, the humidifiers and air purifiers are turned off due to temporary need – their operation at that moment will still be ineffective. The door and window sensor for co-adjustment is our next device in the set: thanks to it and the gateway, you can switch on the home security mode.

Wireless button

It is a doorbell with the possibility of musical notifications through the main unit. With the button you can turn off the power of all smart appliances in the house – and you don’t have to run around the house to check everything. With the same button you can turn on the alarm clock in another room. Connecting the button to the gateway allows you to be aware of things, even if you are not at home.

Smart socket

It is managed through an application where you can assign a work schedule for it: when it turns on, when it turns off, this makes it safe. Mi Home in general collects all the smart gadgets you have, and you can give everyone your own icon. The socket also works with a gateway and a door opening sensor, so that the socket can automatically turn on the light as soon as you enter the house.

Motion sensor

It is useful to turn on the night light when you enter the room where the airlock is installed. In general, you can install it anywhere – for example, near the front door to turn on the light when you enter the house, or to notify you that someone else has entered the house.

Smart Kettle Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Bluetooth

Stylish kettle with temperature sensor: functional and safe. All operating elements of the model are protected from water ingress, but even if the liquid penetrates directly into the stand, the device will not shock a person. The kettle also protects itself: if there is no water in it, but someone accidentally turned it on, the device will turn off itself – and will not burn. The choice of temperature is very valuable for tea lovers, because even the varieties of the same kind of tea require different brewing parameters. As befits a smart device, it is controlled through a mobile application: it is super convenient, because we are all always too lazy to go to the kitchen and turn on the kettle, and you want to drink tea. After boiling, you can keep the water hot. The body of the device itself is not very hot outside, so it is unreal to burn.

Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker

Location for any home, and especially – if you have a small kitchen. The compact stove only looks simple, but in fact the model is able to work in a hundred different modes, so you can cook literally anything – thanks to the observance of certain temperature requirements. This stove is also safe: it is protected from overheating and switches off if there are no dishes on it.

Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2

In a good way, at least one humidifier should be in each house, because both in winter and summer the air in the premises is very dry. After that, we have problems with skin, hair, breathing and get headaches, tiredness and cough. Any of Xiaomi’s moisturizers deserves attention, and today we decided to choose Zhimi Air Humidifier 2. The model consumes 240 ml of water per hour, and you can replenish the liquid directly through the grate. In terms of design, the motor unit is separated from the water tank, as always. If the case is shifted at the joints at least a little, the device will shut down.

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum EU

One of the favorite devices for home users is the vacuum cleaner, which cleans itself. It is not surprising, because it saves time and effort, and you can do such cleaning at least every day. Not every model works as efficiently as the one with built-in navigation sensors. Mi Robot Vacuum EU is able to create a map of the room, and thus – and lay routes for cleaning. The speed of the brushes can be adjusted, and in general – the vacuum cleaner can be controlled from a distance. The model avoids collisions with walls and obstacles. The height of the body of the robot vacuum cleaner Mi Robot Vacuum EU – less than ten centimeters, which means that most areas under sofas, cabinets, beds can also be cleaned. After cleaning, the device returns to the base and starts to charge. If the cleaning was not completed, the vacuum cleaner will get to 80% of the battery and continue cleaning, returning to the place where it was interrupted.

Ceiling lamp Yeelight LED Ceiling Lamp

A great way to replace multiple light sources with just one. This is possible thanks to the multiple settings of the lighting modes. The manufacturer has frozen and achieved an ideal (by world standards) temperature regime – it imitates natural sunlight. By adjusting the brightness at different times of the day, you can keep the lighting cozy and comfortable for the eyes: maybe it’s just beginning to dusk, maybe you sit down to read a book in the evening, maybe you’re doing a make-up or getting ready for bed – Yeelight has a mode for everything. In addition to your smartphone and tablet, you can connect the lamp to the smart Xiaomi bracelet, if you have one, and adjust the lighting parameters from it. This is convenient if you sleep without taking the tracker off (to keep track of your sleep): in this case, as soon as you fall asleep (specially or by sleeping behind a book), the light will go out.

Water sensor Xiaomi Aqara Flood Sensor

We are all a little afraid of flooding, and especially – to flood our neighbors. That’s why we invented the Xiaomi Aqara Flood Sensor: it triggers when the water level rises to just half a millimeter! In case of leakage, the sensor switches on a system of light and sound alerts, and also signals the situation through a mobile application. If the water goes away, the alarm will turn off. Unlike conventional modern sensors, the Aqara looks miniature and stylish, while no leakage in the room will not hide from it.

Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector

Once there is such a topic, let’s not forget about the smoke sensor – it solves worse problems than a spoiled neighbor’s ceiling. The model is CCCF certified (by the National Fire Academy) and is able to accurately monitor the smoke concentration in the air, reporting the danger in time. Of course, in the event of an emergency, the alarm is immediately triggered and a notification appears in the application. Remember: a fire is easier to prevent than to extinguish.

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip Extender

Very necessary thing in the farm! Do you know that extension cords are one of the most flammable devices in the house? Xiaomi knows this too, that’s why they have all possible sensors: from current surges, overheating and overvoltage. Any of these problems are unlikely to occur, but if they do, the device will shut down instantly. The body of the device is made of refractory material. It has three standard sockets and 3 USB outputs. All openings are protected by curtains, so they are not exposed to contamination and are also safe for children and animals.

Xiaomi Viomi Internet Electric Water Heater

The heater will be useful for everyone who stacked with water shutdown, and it is also indispensable in the country house. Water with this device heats quickly and evenly. While the model exceeds all standards of efficiency, it also manages to save energy. The application allows you to start the high-temperature water disinfection mode: before someone takes a bath, it will warm up to 80 degrees, eliminating all harmful bacteria. Once you’re “used to” the water schedule in your home (when you usually wash, shower, and wash the dishes), the heater will prepare the water specifically for the time intervals you have tracked.

Xiaomi Mijia Universal Remote Controller

This device is easy to use with devices that are equipped with IR ports. To control all the gadgets connected to the controller, you can use the built-in voice assistant Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker or a smart remote control. If you have any idea which schedule of home devices suits you, you can set it up in the application.

Smart Dumpster Ninestars Sensor Trash Can

No one wants to touch the trash can once again, and not always it stands in a private place – then he needs a lid. That’s why Xiaomi created the smart bucket: it will open itself, it will close itself – the sensor is responsible for everything. The bucket has a capacity of 8 liters and it is convenient to fix the package so that it does not slip every time the lid is triggered. The brand performs all of its products in a beautiful minimalist style, and you wouldn’t believe it, but this also applies to the bin.

Xiaomi Smart Video Doorbell

The call has many useful features to protect your home. For example, if a person stands near your door (up to three meters away), then your phone will receive a notification with this clip. You can also record in advance an audio message (like an answering machine), which will be heard by the guest at the door. If a person just knocks, the system will “hear” it and turn on the call. In addition to all this you can always see who is behind the door, and you can not open it to strangers. Also, if your children are alone at home, you can do the following thing: tie a smart lock to a speaker and write down a message: “Do not open the door to anyone. Then, if someone rings the doorbell, the column will turn on and your children will hear your message.

For the safety of the person in the apartment is also invented SafeSound function, which can naturally change the timbre of a person’s voice – to make it more mature, more serious, lower: this voice and will hear the person at the door, if you decide to answer him. Next, the call works with face recognition, so that the system always knows if a stranger or someone who is not on the list of their own has come.

Smart bidet lid for Xiaomi SmartMI toilet bowl

We move on to a less serious, but very useful device – a smart lid for the toilet! Why not? The device is equipped with a built-in bidet with water heating system: there is a mode of uniform heating, and there is also a contrast – well, not much. The direction and pressure of the jet can be adjusted, and there is also a shower nozzle – according to the type of shower. There is a system of regular cleaning of the nozzles with water and UV. The problem of a cool seat is also eliminated – it is heated here. In addition, a smart cover never claps – because it does not fall, and goes down smoothly.

Xiaomi AI Speaker HD Speaker

Xiaomi has a lot of smart speakers – choose any speaker you like: for example, Xiao Ai Speaker HD. It offers good clarity of all frequencies and a surround-surround effect – in other words, omnidirectional sound and sound coverage of the entire space. The speaker works with a proprietary voice assistant, so you can turn on music or an audio book by simply “asking”.

Smart scales Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

Usual scales – interesting, but not very. If you really care about your health, it’s a good idea to have a more advanced device that can track different body parameters. This model will appeal to sports fans, because it can calculate the exact body mass index – the amount of fat in the body. The scales can calculate from a dozen of different parameters that are necessary to understand the correct work with your body. Thus, the user will understand the volume of his muscle mass, metabolism, amount of water in the body, bone mass and other indicators.

In conclusion

As you can see, Xiaomi has taken care of every corner of the house to increase comfort and make every thing work for us. The brand adheres to its corporate style – simple beautiful lines, minimalism and white color: in this way, the gadgets perfectly blend with each other and can blend harmoniously into any interior. Having created a cozy and functional space with smart devices from Xiaomi, one can only wonder how comfortable your home can be.

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