Doesn’t ? always unlock by fingerprint the first time? ?Как I solved the problem.

Perhaps, many owners of modern smartphones are familiar with the situation when the first time you can not unlock your device with a fingerprint. And it’s not about the price or manufacturer of the device. Such mishaps can happen to the latest models of renowned manufacturers, as well as with low-cost smartphones.

So, I was familiar with this problem not by hearsay, although I use the cheapest model Iphone. In the end, I was tired of putting up with this state of affairs, and relatively recently I decided to finally deal with this issue for myself. The fact is that during the initial setup of unlocking the smartphone by fingerprint, users put several fingerprints into the memory of the device. The smartphone scans each finger in 12 different positions, but does not take into account the skin condition on our fingers. You have to admit that in different situations the skin on your fingers may be different, for example, too dry or wet. This has a direct impact on the correct functioning of the scanner for your fingerprints.

That’s why the best solution is to write several variants of a single fingerprint to the phone memory. After all, most people will unlock a smartphone with their left or right thumb. I made several variants of the “convenient” fingerprint, applying it to the scanner in different ways. Also, I intend to write down a fingerprint right after washing my hands, as well as on the street during the frosty weather when walking without gloves. In total, I have kept a maximum of 5 variants of the same fingerprint of my hand. It turns out that the same finger is now saved in 60 different positions! Needless to say, I have now completely forgotten the problem of blurring the fingerprint scanner.

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