An augmented reality headset from Facebook will give people superhearts

Michael Abrasch, spoke about the development of the technology of “superpowers of perception”.

Michael Abrasch, Chief Researcher of Facebook Reality Labs, spoke about the development of the technology of “superpowers of perception”, which will be implemented in the future smart headset of the company. He placed special emphasis on the function of hearing improvement using augmented reality methods. In a way, it is an analogue of a hologram, information image on the user’s glasses, but in the form of audio signal.

The main advantage of the Facebook headset is the ability to intelligently analyze data from external microphones, cameras and a wide range of other sensors. For example, the system can recognize a person’s way of communicating by their appearance and facial expressions, learn from LiveMaps that the matter is happening in a noisy restaurant, take into account the time of day, human traffic and even the weather in order to optimally filter the sound. This allows you to have a conversation in any environment without raising your voice or straining your hearing, but behind such a simple option lies a huge potential.

If you combine the headset with an AI, you can use audio analysis to instantly translate foreign speech. Or to pick out the voice of a crying child who is lost in the noise of the crowd. You can configure the system to search for specific words and phrases to quickly find a large conference of a certain person. In a word, “super-hearing” opens up a lot of possibilities for the headset users.

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