A clever mask from Japan can talk to your phone and work as a translator.

It is no secret that the usual protective mask has become one of the most popular accessories in the coronavirus pandemic – and the developers of the latest technology did not want to stay away. Thus, engineers of Japanese startup Donut Robotics managed to turn it into a modern technological gadget – C-mask.
Feature C-mask is that it is put on top of the usual mask, however, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth adapter, the user will be able to dictate messages and make calls. The system can also translate speech into different languages. This feature was originally developed by Donut for his Cinnamon robot, however, it can only be activated after subscribing to the service.
Another interesting feature of C-mask is the ability to relay your voice through the phone, which is very important when wearing a mask that muffles your voice. Certainly, this function will be in demand among teachers of educational institutions and at carrying out of actions in conference halls.
In the near future – until the end of the year – in Japan will begin accepting pre-orders for a smart mask at $ 40 per unit. Those wishing to buy a C-mask in other countries will have to wait.

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